• Kawasaki Versys in Malaysia

    Kawasaki Versys Malaysia

    The Kawasaki Versys in Malaysia is more than just a bike. Originally launched in Europe and Canada in 2006, The Versys has more than held it’s own in the market. The name versatile system became short for Versys. The Versys has a 650 cc four stroke liquid cooled parallel twin engine that was changed a bit to get more torque. This engine is inspired by the Kawasaki Ninja 650R.

    The Versys was created for full throttle pavement riding on back-roads and city roads. However can now be seen on many roads and highway. As a result, the fuel injection system was revamped. It was fully mapped so the mid-range from 3000-6000 revs would receive a nice and strong response from the throttle.

    Since the peak torque was lowered somewhat in the rev range this may make the power output lower overall. The torque power output for the Versys is 64bhp at 8000rpm. Peak torque is 61 at 6800 rpm. The Honda CBF1000 model used a similar approach and we will leave it to you motorcycle purists to decide which tickles your fancy.

    When compared to the ER-6, the original bike, the Versys has some major changes. The sub frame was redesigned as well as the suspension and then the header design was completely changed. The ER-6 had a non-adjustable suspension but the Versys changes things up and adds upside down front forks that are completely adjustable in addition to a swing arm that is all alloy rather than tubular steel that is standard on the ER-6.

    The Versys really is not a dual-purpose bike but rather an all pavement bike. Thanks to its ZR rated tires, alloy wheels, and exposed and low exhaust system this bike is not recommended for off road use. However, it does offer a wide selection of riding options as long as they are on pavement and the bike will not be subjected to abuse.

    People have made major overhauls to the bike to make it off road worthy. The look and feel maybe for the pavement but the bike can be a factor off road. When the Kawasaki Versys arrived on the scene just a few years ago, it astonished the motorcycling press and public. Journalists and riders alike began to heap praise on the versatile “do-everything” bike: it was named “Motorcycle of the Year” by Motorcyclist magazine and was included on numerous top 10 lists in enthusiast publications. And with numerous updates in 2010, the bike that is equal parts useful, affordable and fun is still going strong for 2011.

    Now the 2012 model shall blow everyone apart. This is a bike made for riding and dusting the pavements. In Malaysia, we can see many Kawasaki Versys on the road every day. This is indeed a very popular bike in Malaysia.

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