• Nimota Ranger X in Malaysia

    Nimota Ranger X in the Malaysian Market

    The Nimota Ranger X is already making big waves in the local Malaysian Market. This gritty scrambler has more than a touch of class. The battle is now on between the choices of a Nimota Ranger X or a Demak DTM 150. We will let you decide which is best for you.

    The Nimota Ranger X comes with an overall dimension of 2190 x 800 x 1160. Big enough you think?  The beauty is the net weight of only 130 kg. Some people can carry that walking around. (Some Big People).  The max power ratio is 9.3/9500. Enough Power between your legs you say. I took one for a spin today at Easy One Bikers in Ampang. It was pretty easy to handle and I will let you the reader compare it to the DTM. I think since Easy One sells all three brands, Kawasaki and DTM with Nimota, you should pop by and try.

    The pick up compared to the Kawasaki 150 was a bit slow however the speed after pick up was fiery. The single cylinder, air cooled , 4 stroke engine is something I feel they can work on. The bike is as a scrambler should be. nimota Ranger x

    Where will the Nimota go from here, will we see a 200 version like we will soon with Demak? I would suggest trying this bike first before buying. Thou it has received positive reviews and is selling like hot cakes, it is a very competitive scrambler market with Demak and Kawasaki. (I know they are many others).

    Head down to Easy One Bikers in Ampang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ask for Raymond or Eric, test drive the bike with the others available and make a decision which scrambler is best for you.

    I sometimes feel it’s hard to make a proper decision on a scrambler without actually taking out to the crossroads. A dirt bike can only be properly tested in the dirt. If you have tested your dirt bike, please drop me a email sales@easyonebikers.com so we can see what you think of this bike.

    Is the Nimota Ranger X going to dominate the market? What do you think?

    Thanks to Nimota Motors for the Photo.

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